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Freshman Year Experience (UNIV 150)

Freshmen Year Experience (UNIV 150) is a 3-credit elective course which provides an introduction to the university and its resources. In FYE, you will clarify your college and career goals, receive guidance to establish a major, discover which methods help you learn most effectively, create new friendships, and learn about all the resources NMSU has to offer. FYE emphasizes development of academic and personal skills that enable freshmen to become successful students of NMSU. The FYE course includes:

  • Team building through group activities.
  • Scavenger hunt of campus resources.
  • Attending university sponsored events: theatre performances, films, musical performances, and athletic competitions.
  • Time Management activities to create a balanced schedule, both in and out of class.
  • Strategies for effective note-taking, preparing for exams, and overcoming test anxiety.
  • Informational presentations on alcohol consumption.

UNIV 150 is co-taught by a junior or senior, who shares advice and hard-earned experiential knowledge for becoming successful at NMSU. To find out more about FYE, contact the Student Success Center.

FAQs for UNIV 150

Does the class count toward my degree?

UNIV 150 is an elective course, which means it contributes to the total number of required and earned credits for graduation.

What is the homework load like?

UNIV 150 homework consists of practical activities designed to help you learn which study skills work the best for you. The homework load is not excessive or overly challenging; however, your performance in the course is dependent upon your regular attendance and completion of all assignments and activities.

Does this course affect my GPA?

Yes, this course has the same weight and effect on your cumulative GPA that any other 3-credit course would, such as Government 110G or Music 101G. In addition, many students who have taken UNIV 150 say this class helped them maintain a higher semester GPA and perform better in their more difficult classes.

I was an excellent student in high school. How will this course benefit me?

Univ 150 addresses many issues affecting freshmen in their first semester. This course is designed to familiarize you with all the resources at NMSU for students, help you become part of the university community, provide a forum to discuss the challenges of being at university, and set goals for future career or education plans. In addition to the instructor, the class is co-taught by a junior or senior, who will share advice specific to succeeding at NMSU.