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Concentration Inventory

Choose the response that most closely matches your feeling about the statement:

SD – Strongly Disagree
D – Disagree
A – Agree
SA – Strongly Agree)

    SD D A SA
1. I get distracted by noise where I study.
2. I begin a study session with a review of my most difficult subjects, but get frustrated and lose concentration.
3. I worry about all the things that I have to study, and then I can’t decide where to begin.
4. When I sit down to study, I can’t stop thinking about other activities I would rather be doing than studying.
5. I can’t concentrate because I’m often tired.
6. I take rest periods when I study.
7. I often find myself daydreaming while studying.
8. I find little tasks to do right before I sit down to study, think about them while studying, then eventually I get up and do them.
9. While studying, my mind is preoccupied with personal problems.
10. It is hard for me to study because I am unsure about my major and whether I should continue in college.
11. Roommates, family, or friends distract me while I study.
12. My study area is relatively uncluttered and is not a source of distraction.
13. The lighting in my study area inhibits by ability to concentrate.
14. I have a specific place for study materials–books, paper, pens–that I can access easily if I need them when studying.
15. My desk or study area is located in an area where I’m not distracted by other people or a window.
16. I study for at least an hour without being distracted.
17. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate because I’m not sure if I’m focusing on the right material for my classes.
18. Lack of interest makes it difficult for me to concentrate on assignments.
19. Listening and staying focused on lectures in my classes is a problem for me.
20. When I study I set specific goals of what I want to accomplish.