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Reading Rate

Choose the response that most closely matches your feeling about the statement:

SD – Strongly Disagree
D – Disagree
A – Agree
SA – Strongly Agree)

1. I think I read slower than most other students.
2. I read all types of material at about the same rate.
3. I usually read word by word, sometimes syllable by syllable.
4. I usually reread syllables, words, or phrases to be sure that I have understood them.
5. I whisper or say words out loud that I am reading.
6. I frequently can hear in my mind the sounds of words I am reading.
7. I frequently lose my place or skip lines or words while I am reading.
8. I move my head from left to right, following the direction of print as I read.
9. I get headaches and/or eye aches after reading for a period of time.
10. I feel that I am a slow reader.
11. I often find that my eyes drift back to previous lines of text I have read.
12. My rate of reading makes it difficult to complete reading assigned in my classes.
13. I usually just skim my textbook chapters to get the main idea.
14. I think I may need to have my vision checked as it may be affecting my reading ability.
15. I enjoy reading and spend some time each week reading for enjoyment.
16. I have been to a workshop or received training in the principles of speed reading.