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Science Study Skills

Choose the response that most closely matches your feeling about the statement:

SD – Strongly Disagree
D – Disagree
A – Agree
SA – Strongly Agree)

    SD D A SA
1. I have problems learning and understanding technical terminology in science textbooks.
2. My science professor frequently uses terms in lecture or lab that I don’t understand.
3. I feel that I have an effective method for reading my science textbooks.
4. The notes I take in my science class are helpful in preparation for tests.
5. I have a good place to study for my science class.
6. I use an effective method to prepare for tests in the sciences.
7. I have little or no anxiety when taking a science test.
8. I have found study groups are helpful in preparing for my science class and tests.
9. I feel I have good problem solving techniques that I can apply in my science classes.
10. I usually believe that I can do well in science courses.
11. I usually complete the textbook reading assigned before attending class.
12. I have good attendance in my lab section.
13. I work out all the homework problems assigned before class.
14. I know how to read and interpret the graphs and charts in my textbook.
15. I memorize scientific formulas without understanding them.