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Test Preparation & Test-Taking

Choose the response that most closely matches your feeling about the statement:

SD – Strongly Disagree
D – Disagree
A – Agree
SA – Strongly Agree)

    SD D A SA
1. I try to organize lecture notes, reading notes, and chapter outlines into a system when studying for exams.
2. If I have time I check and, where necessary, edit my answers before handing in any examination paper.
3. I review material for several days before the final exam.
4. After an exam I look up and write out correct answers to questions that have been marked wrong or incomplete.
5. I outline or plan the answers to essay questions either in my mind or on paper before I write answers.
6. I am unable to complete my examinations within the period scheduled for them.
7. In preparing for an exam, I try to anticipate the questions that my instructors are most likely to ask.
8. When preparing for exams, I test myself on the text and notes by asking myself questions.
9. When I first get a test I survey the entire test before I begin to answer the questions.
10. I feel tired during exams because I stay up late the night before preparing for them.
11. I put off studying for exams until the last moment.
12. Test anxiety affects my ability to give a good test performance.
13. Other people often interfere with my test preparation by distracting me from my studies.
14. When I come to a question on a test that I cannot answer I get very frustrated and my mind sometimes goes blank.
15. I panic before a test because I think it will demonstrate my lack of intelligence.
16. I prefer to take objective (multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true-false) over essay exams.
17. I study differently for essay exams than I do for objective exams.
18. I panic when people finish the test long before I do.
19. I feel insecure prior to the start of an exam when I hear other students talking about what they studied.