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Test Reaction

Choose the response that most closely matches your feeling about the statement:

SD – Strongly Disagree
D – Disagree
A – Agree
SA – Strongly Agree)

    SD D A SA
1. While taking an important exam I find myself thinking of how much brighter the other students are than I am.
2. While taking an important examination I perspire a great deal.
3. During course examinations, I find myself thinking of things unrelated to the actual course material.
4. During tests I find myself thinking of the consequences of failing.
5. Getting a good grade on one test doesn’t seem to increase my confidence on the second.
6. I sometimes feel my heart beating very fast during important tests.
7. After taking a test I always feel I could have done better than I actually did.
8. While taking a test my emotional feelings do not interfere with my performance.
9. The harder I work at taking a test or studying for one, the more confused I get.
10. Thinking about the grade I may get in a course interferes with my studying and my performance on tests.
11. On exams I take the attitude, “If I don’t know it now there’s no point in worrying.”
12. Thoughts of doing poorly interfere with my performance on tests.
13. Even when I’m well prepared for a test, I feel very anxious about it.
14. I don’t enjoy eating before an important test.
15. Before an important examination I find my hands or arms trembling.
16. The night before a test I stay awake most of the night worrying about the test.
17. When taking a test, I feel that my whole life depends on the grade I get.
18. My parents often disapprove when I get low grades, and I think of their disapproval when I’m taking a test.
19. I am afraid to show the professor what I do not know.
20. I get nervous in exams as I watch what others are doing; I always think that they are answering the questions better than me.
21. If I do not do well on exams, I feel that I am worthless.
22. I give myself “pep talks” on how important it is to remember everything when studying for an exam.
23. I panic before a test because I think that I will demonstrate my lack of intelligence.
24. I panic when people finish a test and leave long before I do.
25. I feel insecure prior to the exam when I hear what other people have studied.
26. I work most effectively under pressure such as when the test is very difficult.
27. I often give a poor test performance when taking an important examination.
28. Once I start taking a test I am no longer nervous.
29. During exams or tests, I experience memory blocks on questions to which I know the answers and find I remember them as soon as the exam is over.
30. When I start a test, nothing is able to distract me.
31. I find that my mind goes blank at the beginning of an exam, and it takes me a few minutes before I can function.
32. I look forward to exams.
33. I am so tired from worrying about an exam that I find I almost don’t care how well I do by the time I start the test.
34. Time pressure on an exam causes me to perform poorly.
35. I find myself reading exam questions without understanding them, and I must go back over them so that they will make sense.
36. The more important the exam or test, the better I seem to do.
37. When I don’t do well on a difficult item at the beginning of an exam, it tends to upset me so that I block on even easy questions later on.