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Time Management

Choose the response that most closely matches your feeling about the statement:

SD – Strongly Disagree
D – Disagree
A – Agree
SA – Strongly Agree)

    SD D A SA
1. I have a regular written study schedule that I attempt to follow.
2. I have an appointment book, and I use it regularly.
3. I know how much study time I average each week for each course.
4. Each week I assign specific periods of time to study for each course.
5. I often find myself unprepared for class or late with class assignments.
6. I use free time between classes for review studying.
7. I cram for tests and final examinations.
8. I allow time in my schedule for relaxation and recreation.
9. I can meet the requirements of my courses and still have time for social and extracurricular activities.
10. I study approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for every hour of class lecture.
11. I put off studying an assignment until the last possible minute.
12. My friends distract me from following my time management schedule.
13. I have little time each day for study because I’m involved in so many activities.
14. I have commitments or problems–home, work, personal–that interfere with my regular study schedule.
15. I am dissatisfied with the results of my studying in relation to the time I spend at it.
16. I plan specifically what and how to study before I begin an assignment.
17. I have a regular place to study.
18. Procrastination is a problem for me.
19. I tend to rebel against my own schedule or plans.