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Peer Education (UNIV 350)

Become a Peer Educator  Apply Now! The deadline for applications for Fall 2019 is August 15, 2019.

As a Peer Educator, you model and advise the UNIV 150 students on how to be a successful and effective learner at NMSU. In UNIV 350 you will learn about student development theory, leadership skills, classroom management, and how to make effective presentations to students on academic skills, social issues, and personal effectiveness. UNIV 350, a 3-credit elective course, provides you the opportunity to co-instruct the UNIV 150 Freshman Year Experience course, sharing your experiences and wisdom to help freshmen transition from high school to college life.

Applicant Qualifications and Position Responsibilities

Peer Educator Responsibilities

  1. Complete Peer Education Training Program
  2. Attend all UNIV 150 class sessions of your assigned section
  3. Enroll and attend UNIV 350 (Peer Education, 3 credit hours)
  4. Assist in the planning of syllabus and course content
  5. Assist instructor in arranging for visitors, speakers, and campus tours
  6. Assist in facilitating class discussions
  7. Present lessons and information on course topics
  8. Facilitate in-class, group, or individual structured activities
  9. Communicate with class members outside of class
  10. Provide feedback to the instructor
  11. Serve as a student liaison to the instructor

Selection Criteria

  1. Achievement of at least junior status by the start of Fall 2019.
  2. Academic success in college as measured by a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  3. Demonstrate an interest in helping fellow students be successful at NMSU
  4. Demonstrate an involvement in campus life
  5. Demonstrate an appreciation for diversity
  6. Possess a willingness and ability to model appropriate behaviors for new students