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Nusenda Center for Financial Capability

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What We Do

The Nusenda Center for Financial Capability is housed in the Student Success Center and provides a comprehensive financial wellness program. Confidential peer coaching is available to help students learn and understand how to manage their finances. Attend a financial wellness workshop, view our website, or schedule a one-on-one appointment – the Nusenda Center for Financial Capability wants to assist you with how to overcome or avoid financial barriers that may prevent you from completing a college degree.

The goal of financial wellness education is to inform NMSU students about the value of money and allow money to work for them and not against them. No one is going to be an expert at everything. Financial health is just as important as physical health, academic success, and emotional health. If anything in your life is out of balance it affects your entire life.

Did You Know?

  • Nationwide student loan debt is currently at $1.6 trillion.
  • 40 million Americans have student loan debt; that’s more people than the population of Canada and Australia.
  • Every dollar in student loan debt reduces your overall retirement savings by $0.35 (an average of $17,500 out of retirement).
  • Low credit scores resulting from financial mismanagement in college will lead to credit card-like rates for private educational loans and higher car payments and mortgage rates.
  • Approximately half of all employers check the credit reports of recent graduates when making hiring decisions.

What You Can Learn

  • Develop a spending plan. It is easier to manage your money when you have a plan.
  • Understand why a good credit score is just as important as your academic GPA. The higher the score the better!
  • Review financial aid processes and procedures, obtain key deadlines for scholarship opportunities and learn when and how to submit the FAFSA. Retrieve information about loan calculators to evaluate your student loan repayment plan.
  • Learn strategies to effectively use credit/debit cards and how to safely build a good credit history.
  • Receive valuable information about identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America. Learn tips to avoid identity theft or fraud and the steps you should take if it happens to you.
  • Utilize the Student Success Center to support your financial wellness with a good motivation and goals plan.