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Financial Capability Workshops

Spring 2022 NCFC Workshop Series

Financial Capability Workshops are held throughout the academic year.

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Spring 2022 NCFC Workshop Series

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Presentations for groups, classes or organizations are interactive, include handouts, and provide students with concrete tools for improving their financial health and wellness. Contact us at 575 646-3136 for more information.

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Workshop Topics

Basic Financial Wellness

This workshop covers basic financial wellness information including budgeting tips, credit card information, protecting one’s identity and capitalizing on financial aid resources.

Budgets Aren’t Just for Your Parents

Learn to create and maintain a budget!  This workshop will provide budgeting strategies to help you develop and maintain your budget.  Understanding where your money is spent is essential. Through this workshop you will gain insight to create a plan, which supports your short term and long term financial goals.

Don’t Let Your Identity Get Stolen

This workshop will provide tips for preventing identity theft. Learn about the long-term effects of identity theft, and the importance of protecting your information from being stolen.

Financial Wellness: Evaluating Your Assets and Key Documents to Consider

This workshop will support dialogue around key documents such as a understanding a trust and developing a will, which can help you to better prepare for your future. Additionally, this workshop will focus on understanding the process of home buying. Student will gain insight for choosing insurance plans that are best suited for your personal circumstances. It is never too early to begin this discussion as you prepare for your future.

How Much Will College Cost?

Recognizing how much college is going to cost creates an opportunity to find resources that will support your financial plan throughout your academic career. This workshop will provide an overview for the cost of an undergraduate or graduate degree.  You will also receive tips for creating a plan to support your financial obligations (tuition, textbooks, etc.) as a student.

Keys to Saving and Investing

This workshop will provide tips for saving and investing, and an understanding for the importance of both.  Recognizing the benefits of saving and investing will help you to create a plan for your future.

Student Loans-Ins and Outs

In this workshop, students will learn to make smart choices in regard to taking out student loans and paying them back.  Recognizing the impact that a student loan will have on your financial plan once you have graduated with an undergraduate or graduate degree is key.  Students will gain information that better assists them in making the financial decisions related to student loans.

The Secrets to Winning Scholarships

In this workshop, students will gain tips to develop a road map to apply for scholarships.  The key components of this workshop are to capitalize on your strengths and skills to put your best foot forward when applying for scholarships.  In the end, students will gain the necessary skills to explore available scholarships and prepare a winning application.