Daniels Scholar Success Program

The Daniels Scholar Success Program (DSSP) is a comprehensive scholarship program that helps students build successful lives. The Daniels Scholarship Program seeks students who stand out for their character, leadership, and service. The program encompasses much more than just financial support. Students that become Daniels Scholars are chosen because they embody the traits and values Bill Daniels identified as hallmarks of the program. Daniels Scholars stand out because they demonstrate: 1) exceptional character, ethics, and integrity, 2) a hardworking nature and drive to succeed, 3) strong leadership qualities, 4) a well-rounded personality, 5) compassion for others and 6) a commitment to give back to their communities. The NMSU Daniels Fund Scholarship Program provides Scholars with high-quality workshops and academic support that aligns to support the Daniels Fund pillars of 1) Academic Support; 2) Personal and social support, and 3) Leadership.